5 Myths About Buying Refurbished Hardware


Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions about refurbished products.

Myth 1#. Refurbished gadgets and used gadgets are the same!
Second-hand products are sold to you without making improvements or changes to the device. Whereas refurbished products are processed for giving you an error free and fully functional products. The best part of buying refurbished gadget is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year period which does not happen in the case of second-hand products purchases.
Myth 2#. Have lesser lifetime!
Well, refurbished devices have the lifetime just like any other device as it go through a number of testing under strict standards before they can be sold to consumers . Just because they are processed for better quality it doesn’t mean that they will be having a lower lifetime.
Myth 3#. Scrap chips are put into devices
It is not true. Our refurbished products, most of them contain genuine certified parts or chips, which is one of the reasons that we are confident about our refurbished gadgets. Hence give you a warranty for your peace of mind.
Myth 4#. Refurbished products are only meant for personal use but not for business?
This is all wrong! Given the working condition and performance, refurbished gadgets can be used by anybody including consumers and commercial establishments as well. A lot of company today are using refurbished products without any hitch or glitch. Many corporate machines and electronics once refurbished can be the perfect solution to your business.
Myth 5#. Refurbished computers are not guaranteed
In the contrary—manufacturers and authorized dealers commonly guarantee their refurbished products in writing. For example, Global it includes a 1 year warranty and 90-days onsite warranty upon purchase of a refurbished product. Customers can further protect their refurbished item with an extended warranty of up to three years for notebooks and desktops. Buying an extended warranty comes highly recommended when dealing with refurbished products.